Friday, December 10, 2010

A good week!

So I'm almost at the end of my first true week back on track. After Monday night's scare the rest of the week went fine. I felt good working out. I didn't push myself to much but just kept a good steady pace. I ate really well this week too with only two minor "bad" moments. Wednesday night I was hanging out with friends and had a couple of pieces of candy and then last night I really got hungry late and made a burger on two pieces of garlic toast. Not healthy, but that's ok. Today I was back at the gym and already eating healthy for today. It's funny though. the mornings after the slip ups I could tell a difference in waking up. I didn't feel as refreshed. Something to keep in mind moving forward. Anyway, I'm happy with meeting my goals this week. Yay! The weekend is the tricky part now. I'll have to be extra careful and stay on track as best as I can.

Monday, December 6, 2010

An almost deadly return to the gym

So today I returned to the gym. Finally. I decided to take my membership off hold even if it's pricey. I really needed to go. Tonight I started on a eliptical machine and wasn't even going hard and after a couple of minutes I really thought I was headed towards having a heart attack. It was actually very scary. Certainly a reminder and wake up call all at the same time to get into shape! I never felt completely right so I took it really easy tonight. I guess getting to the gym is the first step. I'll have to build myself back up and reshape my body and life. At least after when I got home I felt good. I think my body realized "Oh shit! Exercise...ok I remember now." So that was the positive. Well that and a healthy mexican lasagna for dinner. :) And by healthy I really do mean healthy. That wasn't a joke. In case you were wondering. :p