Monday, December 6, 2010

An almost deadly return to the gym

So today I returned to the gym. Finally. I decided to take my membership off hold even if it's pricey. I really needed to go. Tonight I started on a eliptical machine and wasn't even going hard and after a couple of minutes I really thought I was headed towards having a heart attack. It was actually very scary. Certainly a reminder and wake up call all at the same time to get into shape! I never felt completely right so I took it really easy tonight. I guess getting to the gym is the first step. I'll have to build myself back up and reshape my body and life. At least after when I got home I felt good. I think my body realized "Oh shit! Exercise...ok I remember now." So that was the positive. Well that and a healthy mexican lasagna for dinner. :) And by healthy I really do mean healthy. That wasn't a joke. In case you were wondering. :p

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