Monday, September 20, 2010


This blog is for personal accountability in my mission to lose weight.  I’ve realized recently that I’ve been too lazy. I desire to be healthy and in shape yet I do nothing. I false start all the time then fail somewhere along the journey.  So this time I’m going to track my progress online via this blog. Why call it the Skinny Pumpkin? Well I love Halloween and certainly pumpkins. But i don't want to be round like one! So I need to transform this plump pumpkin into a skinny one!
Being a game developer I love playing games. So to make this more fun I will track my progress like a video game. Every 10 pounds will be a milestone or the equivalent of a game level. I have 70 pounds to lose so I need to beat all 7 levels to win this game!
Follow me on my journey. Get inspired and start your own game! Check back each Monday for a new video and pics. I’ll update daily with written progress.

John - Artist
Neck - 18.5 in
Chest - 48 in
Bicep - 14 in
Waist - 51 in
Thigh - 26 in

Today was a good day. The first usually is. I have eaten healthy today except for dinner where I had some mac n cheese. I need to do my shopping for the week so I have the food I need. I had nothing else to go with my chicken breast! I did my work out routine around 3pm. It was challenging having not exercised in a while, but I feel good. Day 1 down. Tomorrow I'll post my workout routine and meal plan for week 1 & 2.

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