Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4

Today was hard when it came to exercising. I'm not sure if it was becasue I missed yesterday or not , but everything just felt a bit harder. This morning I spent 4 hours at the dealership getting my car fixed! I had been qouted 2 hours. I think that threw my day off. Eating wise I've not done that great, but at least I exercised and that's the balance.

I should probably start updating with the things I eat to keep track for myself.  So Here's what I hate today.

Breakfast - Whole wheat toast with two, small melted slices of Mozzarella.

Lunch - 2 Rubio's Crispy Shrimp Tacos

Snack  -  Whole wheat toast with two, small melted slices of Mozzarella, half a banana and a handful of blueberries

Dinner - 3 Spinach and cheese Tamales

Water throughout the day.

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  1. I started doing again! It really helps me become more aware of what I'm eating.