Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 8

So today was weigh in day. I'm not going to be posting a pic or measurements because nothing changed. I expected this though with the way the end of hte week went. My diet just wasn't on track and I fully admit I let it get off track. I am glad I did my workouts last week.

So this week I will be trying to focus on the diet side. One thing I realized is sometimes I eat things because its if my mind believes I will never have them again. I need to realize that the foods I crave and love can be a part of my diet again eventually, but for now they need to be cut out so I can beat this game.

So tomorrow I will be be fully back on track. I do have to say I wish it was cooler right now. LA is having a horrible heat wave. Hottest day on record since tempature has been recorded! That's just crazy! It makes doing home workout a little more challenging. I don't have AC. But I will look at it as i will sweat more bad stuff out of me right?

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