Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3 - LEVEL 1

Today was not a great day for the game progress. I missed my workout due to making cupcakes for a friend's birthday and then ate two of them. :( Granted it was pretty hard to pass up Smore's cupcakes. But still...sugar breaks one of the 5 rules. Sugar, for now is a enemy in this game.

Just need to be good tomorrow and make up the exercise on Saturday.

Here's a pic of today's enemy.

Stupid cupcakes! Why did I have to make you taste so good?

As promised here's my workout routine. So far its been really great. It's challenging but not totally kicking my ass. It's right where it needs to be to get me back to a  point I can increase things. The dancing is fun! :) I will be following this for 2 weeks then adjust the numbers and perhaps add something new.

Week 1 & 2
Walking  30-40min 
Dance Warm up  2 Songs 
Push Ups 5 3
Chest Presses 5 3
Back Row 5 3
Lunge Squats 5 3
Jump Rope  30 count3
Bicep Curls 5 3
Tricep Extenison 5 3
Calf Raise 5 3
Shoulder Press 5 3
Floor Climb 5 3
Chest Flies 5 3
Crunches 5 3
Side Crunches 5 3
Single Leg Lifts 5 3
Stretching  15/min 

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