Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 6

Today was super hot! I mean I worked out at 9 and it was like 80 here. That is just crazy! Didn't do too good on food today. I didn't eat much, but I had McDonald's for dinner. Not good at all. My wife craves McDonald's and Nachos being pregnant. So I need to find alternates to eat when she requests those for dinner. Weekends certainly the most challenging for my diet. I will need to be better prepared as I head into Week 2.

I am going to begin tracking my food intake via I've used it before and it is great. It has almost every food you might eat in or out and best of all its free. A friend recommends, but they charge per day after the free trial, so for now I'll stick to the free one. Lance Armstrong started and he certainly believes in living fit and trim!

My weigh in is Monday. I'm not sure how much I lost this week if any. If I didn't lose i know where I failed the game this week. It was diet. I certainly stuck to my exercise even though I had missed a day. It would be nice to see a 2 pound loss. That's a healthy drop in weight and certainly a move in the right direction. Stay tuned!

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